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Three technology trends shaping future of FM

Aval Sethi
Founder & Chief Executive
Protaiga Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, India

While facility management (FM) companies are deploying intelligent building management systems (IBMS), environment-friendly practices and efficient processes are coming up. Here are those key trends shaping the future of facility management industry.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Robotics and AI will become an imperative part of facility management, considering the impact of Internet of Things (IoT). This will enable collection of large amounts of data that can be used to further enhance the overall state of the facility. For instance, it won’t be a surprise witnessing robotic security guards keeping a check on unauthorized access in a building campus.

Most queries from clients or users could be handled by AI-enabled chat-bots and the service tickets could be generated, processed and closed by the system itself. In short, there is a large room to automate some stereotyped manual processes that are often marred by inefficiency and thus unsatisfactory service quality.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The maturing of IBMS is paving way for a broader smart building ecosystem involving the IoT. It won’t be just about large systems like Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC), but several smaller devices connected with each other will evolve a system that we never thought of earlier.

Think of IoT as a human body where each and every organ has a role. They all communicate with each other seamlessly and get you going. IoT will just do that with buildings. FM companies, thus, will be having a bigger role in not just managing sensors, thermostats, actuators or procurement of goods and services for that matter but orchestrating each and every minute component within the facility.


So far, blockchain is mainly referred to in terms of cryptocurrencies only. But this technological system has all the potential to transform FM functions from top to bottom. By deploying blockchain technology, FM companies can manage the huge volumes of data generated by IoT devices in a much secured fashion.

It can make sure that the data could be used and analysed by respective functions and still remain intact despite being stored and processed at diverse ends. In short, concerned teams could work with data but could not own, delete or alter it in any way. And that way, blockchain will throw cyber-attacks, including hacking, malware or ransomware, out of context making them completely meaningless.

Use of drones could literally change the way FM activities are performed currently. It could simply eliminate the need for manual inspections and take automation to another level altogether. FM companies could survey and inspect all parts of the building including rooftops and building elevation by drones equipped with cameras. All the information could thus be available electronically which will help in making much better decisions.

As buildings become smarter,  integral parts of cities are growing smarter. The whole idea of deploying such new technologies will lead to improved user experiences, with facility management industry setting up new benchmarks of service excellence.

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