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The role of FM workplace & washroom
Steps to improve washroom hygienes

The role of facility services in Unlock 2.0 has gained momentum, especially in workplaces which need to be cleaned and sanitised to be made safe and healthy for workers to return. What do facility services do? Jogendra Singh, Operations Manager, Forbes Facility Services Pvt Ltd explains how they go about making workplaces safe, and at the same time ensure the safety of their workforce:

“As cleaning experts, we work closely with customers to understand which areas require disinfection and deep cleaning. The focus is on establishing cleaning solutions and methodology depending on the customers’ needs and severity level and on adhering to guidelines established by local authorities.

Jogendra Singh, Operations Manager, Forbes Facility Services Pvt Ltd
Jogendra Singh, Operations Manager, Forbes Facility Services Pvt Ltd

“To minimize the risk of infection at sites, we have partnered with suppliers to provide high-level disinfectant chemicals, masks, PPE’s, sensorbased dispensers, hand sanitizers and hand wash. Wherever required, ‘step-up cleaning’ (highfrequency cleaning to disinfect high-touch or high-footfall areas) and deep cleaning are offered.

Singh informs that the employees are continually made aware of good hand hygiene habits, social distancing and other safety precautions. Symptoms of the virus are communicated through the training team and during daily briefings by site managers and supervisors. The health checkup reports of the team are made available to clients.

Housekeeping task forces of Forbes Facility are working diligently on site to take prime care of clients and their employees. Avoiding any possibilities of infection, maintaining hygiene, following social distancing is now everyone’s responsibility. The core of cleaning and hygiene depends on housekeepers as well as end users. Forbes Facility Services remains firmly committed to the health and safety of our customers and employees.

“Our team shall enter premises post thermal check and self– sanitization. The team shall use proper personal protective equipment throughout the shift, wherein hand gloves and face mask will be mandatory. We have briefed our team to maintain social distancing norms on duty and avoid gathering, sitting and eating together. While conducting all cleaning activities, the team shall maintain distancing from employees of clients as well; i.e. the cleaning activity shall be halted if any client employee passes nearby in order to maintain distance and shall continue once proper distancing protocol is met. Our team shall wash and clean all tools with liquid soap/disinfectant and water before and after completion of work, such as mop handles, brush handles, all dusters, spray bottles, caddies, wringer trolley, buckets, machines/equipment, etc.”

Precautions for clients while entering washrooms

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