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i-team global, Eindhoven-Netherlands, is launching a range of surface cleaning products in India at the 16th edition of Clean India Show in Bangalore.

i-vac 4B Move

Lightweight and cordless backpack vacuum cleaner, which allows you to move with maximum mobility and work efficiently even in difficult terrain with bumps, steps, or other obstacles. It helps in covering more than twice the floor space compared to a normal vacuum cleaner and is ergonomically designed. Its i-power batteries are interchangeable for all and can be switched out in seconds.

i-mop XL

Solves the problems of floor cleaning systems by combining the flexibility of a floor mop with the power and speed of industrial scrubber driers. It makes it possible to clean any surface, with freedom of movement and great ease of use. The i-mop features a high speed twin brush scrubber drier deck with a working area of 46cm and 62cm. The two counter rotating brushes give a smooth experience and allow to control the machine with one hand. It has one hour battery run-time and has different modes -scrub and dry, intensive deep cleaning and eco mode that allows you to save additional water. It protects water sensitive floors against overexposure.

It consists of aXonnite® particles that kill all types of bacteria and fungi. The added Pureti PCO technology helps purity the air when used to clean glass surfaces. It removes odors and breaks down harmful VOC’s.

i-protect new 1.1
Ready-to-use, long-lasting antibacterial and antifungal protection for various types of waterproof surfaces, including water-resistant textile. Due to the progressive action of aXonnite® particles, each use of the product reinforces the microbiological safety of the protected surface.

i-protect new 3
Low foaming, for the daily cleaning of waterproof floors, with or without protected polymer coatings. When used regularly, it ensures long-lasting effectiveness of antibacterial and antifungal action on cleaned surfaces, even between cleaning cycles.

i-protect new 5
Removes limestone, calcium and soap deposits from sanitary equipment as well as ceramic tiles. Safe for chrome and stainless steel.

i-protect new Z
Daily and periodic multipurpose cleaner with the power of a sanitizer. Removes all kinds of dirt, especially of organic origin, effectively dissolves oils and fats.

i-protect new Clean & Fresh
An environment friendly window cleaner that also purifies the air of odors and harmful pollutants. Spray onto any surface that gets direct light. It uses light to transform surfaces into odor-eliminating air purifiers.

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