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Six Simple Tips to Create a Better Waste Management Plan

Erich Lawson

Erich Lawson

Waste of any kind poses a threat to human and animal life as well as the environment as it can contaminate both the soil and water sources and make the environment uninhabitable.

So, what is the solution?

Having an effective waste management plan in place helps a lot. Here are six ways to an effective waste management plan:

1.Set a Waste Management Goal with a Collaborative Approach

Taking a collaborative approach allows you to promote viable, self-supporting alliances with local governments and businesses to assist in the co-operation in recycling systems and solid waste management. This further allows you to increase the co-operation between both public and private stakeholders which contributes to the improvement of recycling and waste management while reducing its effect on the environment.

Your waste management plan however should have two types of goals which are considered as your company’s general intentions for waste management. The second goal should be the necessary steps that are required to achieve and realize those intentions. The more immediate goal is to help your business focus on achieving them.

2.Know the Type and Volume of Waste Generated and Segregate It

Find out what kind of waste is being generated by your company and in what volume it is being generated on a regular basis. After which you can separate the different types of waste that your company generates into items that can be reused or recycled into their respective allocated bins. You can further segregate the waste according to its physical nature, hazard potential and chemical composition.

3.Monitor the Waste and Implement a Waste Reduction Program

Actively monitoring the waste allows you to identify the waste management requirements, spot the recycling opportunities, look for ways to reduce the generation of waste and keep track of what is generated by your company. You can also introduce a waste reduction program to improve communication and cooperation amongst your staff to reduce wastage. You can better implement this by appointing a waste management coordinator who is in charge of creating a program that exhibits your company’s needs.

4.Implement a Proper Waste Collection Process

Waste collection requires that the organization that picks up the waste bins ensures that they don’t overfill and waste time letting the overflowing waste bins sit around. The bin containers also have to be of a correct size and there should be regular service frequency to avoid bad smell and overflowing of waste. The waste should be correctly labelled for identification so there is no mistake in putting the wrong waste in the wrong bins.

There should be proper communication and co-operation between you and your waste removal company who should have access to your work premises at the times that you have agreed upon.

5.Use Professional Waste Transport Services

It is best to hire the services of waste transport vehicles which are trained and authorized to transport waste from your company’s address to the processing plant. This a lot more efficient as the drivers are also trained to tackle any related emergencies should they arise.

The waste materials should further be separated into waste that can be recycled and waste that can’t after which the recyclable materials can then be processed. These processed materials are later bought by companies that believe in sustainable growth and production.

6.Disposal and Recycling

This occurs when non-recyclable waste is disposed into landfill sites which are approved by legal authorities. Authorities give the assurance that if certain waste is buried at a certain depth, it can prevent dangerous chemicals from contaminating water sources, the soil, piping and air.

The new raw materials that are generated from recyclable waste and are resold on the market again to companies that are looking to promote sustainable growth of their business by using recycled products.

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