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Self-delivered model for facility management

Nilesh Kanakraj, Sr Vice President, ONESIS

Nilesh Kanakraj, Sr Vice President, ONESIS spoke to Clean India Journal about his company’s approach to facility management, delineated its position in the industry, explained how it supports its manufacturing clients and shared a case study of his work with a heavy engineering client.

What is the mission and purpose of ONESIS?

ONESIS’s mission is to focus on transforming from pure-play services to solutions and managing integrated workplace services as the single point of accountability.

What is the concept behind ONESIS, as part of the larger SIS Group? Where does it fit in?

SIS is India’s largest security and business services organization, with market leadership in security solutions, cash logistics and facilities management. ONESIS perfectly aligns with the group vision of:

  • Transitioning from market leadership to increased market share, cross selling multiple services
  • Moving from being a services provider to a solutions provider

ONESIS offers integrated facilities management and security solutions to clients, with a completely self-delivered model, underpinned with flawless service excellence and leading technology.

How does ONESIS differentiate itself from other players in the field? What are its USPs?

Some of the key differentiators ONESIS would bring on board – the key pillars on which ONESIS is built to deliver – are:

  • Transformation: Transforming the way we deliver services – completely self-delivered and digitising the last mile operations
  • Optimisation: Optimising operating costs for clients with increased efficiencies and best in class practices, providing a better ROI for the clients
  • Enablement: Enabling our clients with greater control of business with leading technology and critical insights.
  • Enhancement: Help our client enhance the workplace experience for their employees and customers

What are the target/focus segments of the company?

ONESIS would focus on the key growth driver segments such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial and office spaces
  • Residential communities
  • Education
  • Logistics/e-Commerce and Warehousing

How do you support the functioning of manufacturing facilities, especially heavy industries?

The manufacturing segment, especially the heavy industries lay great emphasis on the following requirements, which is of very critical importance to them:

  • Security and Surveillance
  • Health and Safety
  • Mechanised cleaning
  • Engineering Services
  • Business continuity and productivity
  • Production Support Services like, loading/unloading, packing etc
  • ESG – Environment and Social compliance

ONESIS designs customized integrated solutions for the manufacturing segment, encompassing security, facilities management and blue-collar staffing solutions. Having the experience and expertise in managing and offering our services to various manufacturing clients, we have been able to understand the challenges of the manufacturing segment, where the focus is to create a safe and productive environment for manufacturing. With our entire gamut of solutions, we have been able to address each of the critical requirements of the manufacturing segment, by offering our integrated solutions, encompassing:

  • Manned Guarding and Electronic Security Solutions
  • Mechanised Cleaning Solutions
  • Utilities Operation and Maintenance
  • Staffing Services for Production Support
  • Energy Audits and ESG Compliance
  • Pest Control
  • Horticulture
  • Waste Management
  • IAQ Solutions for HVAC systems

Why should ONESIS be a client’s pick?

  • Consolidation: Integrated solutions, pan-India presence, self-delivery
  • Risk management: Defined SOPs, Risk & Compliance management, reskilling and upskilling workforce.
  • Account management: Consistent service delivery, robust CRM and contract management, SLA/KPI based delivery model.
  • Return on investment: Enhanced asset life cycle, cost optimisation, innovative contracting models.

Case study: Heavy engineering client

  • Number of locations: 7
  • Total area managed: 6 million square feet
  • Major locations: Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Baddi, Bhiwadi, Goa
  • Total manpower deployment: 500+
  • Serving since: October 2020
  • Value of contract: ₹9 crore

Key challenges and solutions offered

  • Multiple services – Multiple vendors: OneSIS provides multiple services across all locations on a single ONESIS platform
  • Standardisation: Standardised SOPs across all locations
  • Cost optimisation: ONESIS is committed to saving 5% on the baseline and 5% Y-O-Y glide path savings on total FM cost to clients
  • Service delivery outcome: OneSIS delivers an SLA/output-based end of line services, ensuring minimum guarantee of productivity to P&G
  • Account management: Robust mechanism for client reviews and escalation matrix.

The OneSIS value

  • Consolidation: Integrated solution, self-delivered solution, single point of contact to resolve issues
  • Account management: Uniform service delivery, high level of compliances and risk management
  • Service model: Outcome based model, assured minimum productivity, KPI/SLA based
  • Return on investment: 5% cost saving year on year with glide path model, increased production, minimum downtime.


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