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Safeguard your school premises at all times

A 24-hour surface protection that’s the ultimate choice

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Not every kid washes their hands before entering a classroom. Chairs, tables, and learning equipment are all shared. There is limited time for staff to clean before or after classes therefore cleaning and disinfection needs to be efficient. What if these areas were continuously protected by an invisible film that could kill viruses and bacteria from the first touch? With Solvay’s Actizone® F5, these surfaces have the continuous power to kill germs, which means they are protected for 24 hours after each application.


The washroom is probably the most disinfected place in the whole building. However, it is also a place that needs perfect cleaning and disinfection. It is used many times a day with a consequent accumulation of pathogens coming from the outside. Actizone F5 cleans not only effectively but also actively protects between cleaning cycles.


Hand washing and sanitising is crucial in the cafeteria. Imagine if tables and countertops could be properly disinfected to guarantee extra protection. At least germs would not be passed on from one child to another. The product is compatible with most materials, and when applied on a surface, keeps killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses for up to 24 hours.

24-Hour Antimicrobial Protection

The product traps antimicrobial activities by forming an invisible, abrasion-resistant, protective film on surfaces to offer 24-hour protection from bacteria and viruses. It offers full protection for surfaces, enabling them to be a shield against viral and bacterial proliferation.

Fast Kills Over 99.9% of Germs

It is a powerful infection prevention product that initially and quickly kills more than 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses, including coronaviruses.

Residue-Free Shine

It not only exhibits proven antimicrobial efficacy but also provides an optimal cleaning experience, leaving soft and hard surfaces with an excellent shine and a residue-free finish.

Proprietary Disinfectant Technology

Actizone F5 technology combines decades of innovative formulation experience; proprietary, long-lasting technology and a state-of-the-art cleaning system.

Actizone F5 is available in 750ml sprays, jerrycans, wipes, and dilutable concentrate.


To guarantee safe and reliable cleaning performance and long-lasting protection, a leading household disinfectant must meet stringent standards and rigid testing requirements. This way, consumers can rest assured that their chosen disinfectant performs sufficiently, and safely continue their lives with confidence. Actizone® meets the standards set by the Residual Self-Sanitizing Test (24-hour), Protocol #01-1A, an EPA US Standard Test. Additionally, Actizone® meets the specifications for the UK Standard Test; the Residual Antibacterial and Virucidal Efficacy (24-hour) BSI PAS 2424. Actizone® also is considered effective against the COVID-19 virus, per the US EPA Emerging Pathogens Guidelines, and has superior activity against tough viruses, including small, non-enveloped viruses like the Norovirus.

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