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Model: TAASCLEEN-1999 Aroma Oils for Diffusers

Specification: Aroma oil concentrates available in 50ml/500ml & 1000ml, packed in aluminium bottles. Oil rangelemon- grass / lavender / mogra / jasmine / madrine / musk-melon / sandal / lime / citrus / green-apple / orange / sweet-mint / rose and many more new fragrances is added to the list.

Applications: It can be used in air revitaliser, diffusers and aroma oil dispensers.

Model: TAASCLEEN-2005 & 2005A Combi Glass-Wiper

Available in 35cm and 45cm sizes

One side with superior quality silicon rubber squeeze and another side with best quality microfibre glass applicator / washer. It has a unique universal handle which can be fitted to any telescopic pole available in market.

Model: TAASCLEEN-2020 Premium Glass Cleaning Kit

Stitched bags available with red and yellow colours. Easy to carry with handles.
Telescopic pole-4mt; SS Glass Squeeze-25cm/35cm/45cm; Plastic Glass Applicator-35cm; Plastic Crank; Floor, Glass & Pocket Scrapper; Extra Big Blades; Extra Small Blades; Yellow Sponge; Spray-Bottle-750ml; Waist Tube Brush

Can be used for cleaning any type of glass and can cover up to 20ft height glass windows.

Model: TAASCLEEN-20-AB Mop Bucket Set

11lt Mop Bucket; top squeezer; extendable handles; two pieces of plastic heavy-duty mops; maintenance free and user friendly

Model: TAASCLEEN-2020 Premium Glass Cleaning Kit

Stitched bags in two colours — red & yellow
Telescopic Pole of 4mt
Extendable Heavy Duty 5mt Pipe with Brass Cock
SS Glass Squeeze (25cm/35cm & 45cm)
Plastic Handle Glass Squeeze
Plastic Glass Applicator (35cm)
Combi Glass Wip er; Plastic Crank
Floor, Glass and Pocket Scrapper
Yellow Sponge; Spray Bottle (750ml)
Waist Tube Brush
Plastic Heavy-Duty Brush with Spray Nozzles

Can be used for cleaning any type of solar panel. It can cover up to 20 feet height Solar Panel Installation.

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