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Perfect recipe for kitchen cleaning is here

Integrated cleaning solutions by Unilever Professional

Better clean, better business

A kitchen is where the magic happens, where delicious meals are crafted, and where the team works tirelessly to ensure a memorable dining experience for the customers. The cleanliness is therefore non-negotiable. According to a recent survey by cloud-based restaurant tech platform – POSist – 80% of consumers prioritise quality and safety over price when choosing a restaurant. A dirty kitchen is extremely unappetising and can instantly turn them away, resulting in a loss of revenue and damage to the restaurant’s reputation.

Hygiene on the menu

FSSAI’s hygiene rating scheme is a voluntary hygiene rating scheme for food safety establishments. Hygiene rating is an indicator of compliance with food safety and hygiene requirements laid under Schedule 4 requirements of Food Safety and Standards regulations (Licensing and registration of food businesses). It is a step towards encouraging food businesses to adopt the practice of self-compliance and showcase food safety to gain consumers’ confidence.

From grime to shine

Chefs and kitchen staff face challenges with stubborn stains, grease, and oil residue, but Unilever Professional’s powerful products, including Vim Hand Dishwash Liquid, Cif All Purpose Kitchen Cleaner, Cif Kitchen Degreaser, and Cif Oven & Grill Cleaner, make cleaning a breeze. Unilever Professional’s “Better Clean, Better Business” mantra drives their range of effective and easy-to-use cleaning chemicals for commercial kitchens. Say goodbye to challenges and hello to a sparkling clean, germ-free kitchen with Unilever Professional!

Ingredients for a clean & safe kitchen

Elevate your dishwashing game with Vim Hand Dishwash Liquid – just one spoonful is all it takes to tackle a sink full of dirty utensils. Our concentrated formula effortlessly removes burnt-on food, leaving your dishes spotless and your kitchen smelling fresh. For sparkling glass walls in live kitchens, Unilever Professional’s Cif Glass Cleaner Concentrate is the streak-free solution. It helps maintain transparency and cleanliness, enhancing the overall aesthetics.

When it comes to tough soils in commercial kitchens, Cif All Purpose Kitchen Cleaner is a powerhouse cleaner. Its fragrance-free, non-flammable formula is safe to use on food contact surfaces and leaves surfaces sparkling and residue-free.

For heavy-duty grease and oil removal, Cif Kitchen Degreaser is the ultimate warrior, specially formulated to tackle floors, countertops, and other kitchen surfaces. And for encrusted carbon and tough deposits in ovens, chimney hoods, grills, fryers, and more, Cif Oven & Grill Cleaner is your secret weapon. These high-quality and safe cleaning chemicals come in 5 Litres concentrates and 450 ml ready-to-use spray bottles, making them convenient for commercial kitchens.

Hello spotless kitchen!

Keeping a commercial kitchen spotless is no small feat. Elevate your kitchen cleaning routine with Unilever Professional! Their products are the ultimate arsenal for maintaining a sparkling, hygienic kitchen. With their powerful and effective formulas, easy-to-use application, and safe usage in food preparation areas, these products are a game-changer for commercial kitchens.

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