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On World Recycling Day, Bisleri ramps up plastic recycling efforts

Anjana Ghosh, Director – Marketing and Business Development, Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd said:

“‘Bottles for Change’, an initiative by Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd., focuses on creating awareness amongst all citizens about recycling of plastic and best practices towards a cleaner environment. It aims at educating and changing behaviour of citizens on efficient disposal by cleaning the plastic after use, segregating and sending it for recycling.

After the plastic is sent to recyclers, the process includes cleaning of the plastic, cutting it into flakes and then melting it at high temperature for moulding it into desirable use. PET packaging is recyclable multiple times and we will continue to spread awareness about recycling and its benefits to each and every citizen.

The idea behind the initiative was to practice what Bisleri preaches, that PET bottles and all type of plastics post-use are not waste. They are valuable, in fact where old newspaper fetches INR 6 to INR 8 per kg, single-use PET bottles fetch a value of INR 15 per kg post use.

As a part of this effort, Bisleri also made uniforms for the sales team from used PET bottles. Across India, 5,000 employees are presently wearing these shirts, upholding the vision of sustainability.

This program also helps green agents (ragpickers) to collect large amount of clean plastics at a time, which in turn fetches them good income. This initiative also provides them with hygienic working conditions, a respectable life and support for educating their children through our NGO partners.

Bottles for Change initiative has been receiving support from government bodies such as NDMC (North Delhi Municipal Corporation), EDMC (East Delhi Municipal Corporation), SDMC (South Delhi Municipal Corporation), Panvel Municipal Corporation, Thane Municipal Corporation, Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation, Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation and from Chennai NSS (National Service Scheme).

Since its inception, ‘Bottles for Change’ program has conducted over 600 plastic recycling awareness events and workshops in corporate offices, housing societies, schools and colleges. Over 6,500 tonnes of plastic have been recycled by Bisleri’s ‘Bottles For Change’ Programme, and over 6,00,000 citizens, 800 housing societies, 500 corporates, 500 hotels and restaurants, 400 schools and colleges have been successfully engaged with the program. More than 3,00,000 dtudents have actively supported and joined the initiative.

Additionally, Bottles for Change has introduced a Mobile App for the citizens of Mumbai which aims to bring citizens and Plastic Collecting Agents (Kabadiwallahs/NGOs) on one platform. The app provides a hassle-free option to citizens to search and approach a nearby plastic agent to hand over the clean plastic.”

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