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Mrinmoyee Three-Bucket Wringer Trolley

The additional third bucket helps to carry disinfectant to treat the area being mopped.

The Three-Bucket Wringer Trolley of Mrinmoyee Supply  Pvt. Ltd  is   ideal for hospitals and healthcare  units. Unlike the double bucket, the additional third  bucket  in this trolley can be used to carry disinfectant solutions. Normally, wringer trolley allows its  users to remain hygienic and with the three-bucket trolley, the user can also treat the entire area with the disinfectant   in   the   trolley  and make it hygienic. This is all the more significant and essential during the present pandemic. The wringer attached with this trolley helps to rinse out excess water from the mop as well.


  • No. of Buckets-3
  • Capacity of each bucket-20L
  • Type of wringer- Side press
  • Material used-Poly Propylene
  • No. of Wheels-6
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