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Soma Specialities Pvt. Ltd has launched a very unique and innovative dry mopping & sweeping scooter CT-3900 for dry mopping of large indoor areas. The scooter is extremely easy to use and its ergonomic design provides great operator comfort. This machine is equipped at the front with a large acrylic dry mop 900mm wide which is used to sweep dusty areas or push light waste objects like paper or cloth pieces in large areas where manual sweeping is too tedious and cumbersome. The mopping scooter can mop the floors more than 10 times faster than manual mopping as per time studies conducted in various locations. The operator can push the dust or waste in a designated area from where it is easy to be collected and disposed off with minimal effort. The rear mop wipes off the tyre marks of the scooter if any.

The machine speed can be altered by the operator through the control panel on the handle and it can move at a maximum speed of 6 kmph. It is equipped with a horn, headlight, indicator lights used while taking turns, adjustable seat height, rear view mirrors, emergency and parking brake also thus making it safe to use in any place. The scooter can move forward & backward with the flick of a switch. The machine is powered by maintenance free batteries which run on 48V DC suppy. Single charge can provide upto 50 kms of running to the machine which is as good as almost 5-8 hours of usage. It can be used for cleaning of large floor areas, especially shopping complexes & malls, airports, railways platforms, hospitals, factories, hotels, office buildings, service centres, industrial canteens, commercial premises with high levels of pedestrian traffic. Most importantly, it is far more economical and comes at a fraction of a cost compared to ride-on sweepers or ride-on scrubber dryers thereby eliminating the use of such expensive machines where they are not required.

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