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Category Product Name Products Dimension
Height x Width x Depth
Aircare Disp Jade3000 LCD (30/60 days setting ) 168mm x 83mm x 50mm
  Disp Jade Mini3000 (12hrs setting) 160mm x 85mm x 70mm
Aroma Diffuser Aroma Diffuser DB20 182mm x 112mm x 71mm
  Aroma Diffuser J-Pro 228mm x 239mm x 119mm
  Aroma Diffuser J-Ultra 348mm x 239mm x 119mm
Hand Dryer Dryer Blast 280mm x 235mm x 170mm
  Dryer One 385mm x 223mm x 105mm
Feminine Hygiene Sanipod Manual 12lt 705mm x 204mm x 160mm
  Sanitary Pad Vending Machine – Manual  
Skincare Disp Foam Soap 400ml bottlefill-Manual 225mm x 85mm x 85mm
  Disp Foam Soap 800ml – Manual-JD 225mm x 135mm x 120mm
  Disp Foam Soap 1000ml Bottlefilled – Manual – Nimbo 265mm x 125mm x 110mm
  Disp Autofoam Soap 750ml Bottlefilled – Automatic – JD 276mm x 132mm x 134mm
  Disp Autofoam Soap 1000ml Bottlefilled – Automatic – TDL 275mm x 125mm x 116mm
  Disp Lotion Soap 400ml Bottlefield – Manual 225mm x 85mm x 85mm
  Disp Lotion Soap 1000ml Bottlefield – Manual – Nimbo 265mm x 125mm x 110mm
  Disp Autolotion Soap 800ml Bottlefilled-Auto -VD TC  
  Disp 350 ml Short Pump Lotion with bottle  
  Soap Best Care Foam 800ml with Adapter  
  Soap Best Care Foam / lotion 5lt  
  Soap Best Care Handsanitizer 5lt  
  Soap Best Care Lotion 800ml with Rubber Tuber  
Hand Care Disp Paper Multifold Hand Towel – Small 205mm x 275mm x 100mm
  Disp Twin Pack Interfold  
  Disp Toilet Sanitiser (New)  
  J – Screens for urinals  
  Bio Tap  
  Eco Clip  
Urinal Care Fresh Air Cube  
  Fresh Air Surround 165mm x165mm x 178mm
    305mm x 229mm x 305mm
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