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Model: Model: CT 5 – Mini Scrubber Drier


Maximum theoretical productivity : 900 m²/h
Cleaning path : 280 mm
Water tank capacity (solution recovery) : l 5 – 5
Max running time : 50/75min
Voltage : 36 V
Installed power : 220 W
Brush pressure : 10kg
Max speed : 3 km/h
Squeegee width : 300mm
Weight : 19.8kg with battery 17 without battery

Application:Perfect for HORECA contractors

Features: Its productivity is guaranteed by a 50 minutes autonomy (standard battery) with two washing cycles; extendible for up to 75 minutes of running time (optional battery). Innovative system of soundproofing — ECOSELECT function reduces the noise level of 1dB.

Model: Planet 22S ATEX- Industrial Vacuum

Specification PLANET 22S ATEX
Usage DRY
Motor/Turbine : 1
Power : 1000-1200 W max
Voltage : 220-240 V
ATEX Type : 22 Zone
Water lift : 2470mm H2O
Airflow : 210 m3/h
Tank Capacity/ Material : 30/steel 430lt
Sound Pressure Level : 72dB(A)
Diameter of inlet : 60mm
Dimensions (LxWxH) : 500x500x980mm
Weight : 30kg


• Alarm System prevents filter overpressure
• Vacuum Control for filter overpressure granting constant top filtering efficiency
• Resistant framework and inlet plug for safe transfer
• Explosion proof turbine and design for ATEX zone 22
• Conductive wheels with brakes
• Static dissipating filters
• Conductive poly liner bags with safety string
• M & H Filter Classification


Construction Industry, Building Sectors, Marble & Stone Cutting Industry

Innovative collection system for immediate access – ‘Longopac’ of 20m
Self-discharge valve – faster disposal of material collected in ‘Longopac’ collecting bag
Quick replacement & detachable system to faster replace full ‘Longopac’ bags
Star shaped filter, PCB prefilter and additional cartridge
Vacuum relief Valve
Filtration level Indicator
Tangential metal Inlet
Long lasting turbine
Big & braked wheels
Manual Filter shaker
High Quality SS frame
Plasma welding reduces dust accumulation points
Gas springs for easier transportation

Usage DRY
No of Phases : 3 Phases
Voltage : 400V
Turbine : 1 single stage
Power : 3000W
Water Lift : 2500mm H2O
Airflow : 330M3/hr
Bag Capacity : 20M
Inlet Diameter : 70mm
Filtering Surface : 19500cm2
Sound Level : 77dB(A)
Dimensions (LxWxH) : 660 x 900 x 1530mm
Weight : 85kg




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