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Heavy duty laundry equipment from legacy manufacturers Large capacity washer-extractors and dryers

MAGNARAB Equipment Trading LLC’s solutions:

TOLON, part of the JENSEN Group, offers an excellent range of heavy-duty laundry equipment. These are made in Turkey by TOLON, a company with a legacy of almost a hundred years in the manufacturing of industrial laundry equipment.

TWE40: This is a high-spin soft-mount fully programmable washer extractor that is also wet-cleaning compliant. These come in hot water, steam, electric and dual-heating variants.

TTD 40: This is an industrial sliding door heavy-duty dryer with a capacity to process 40 kg at a ratio of 1:20. The unique door design eliminates the frequent issue of door gasket and door glass breakages. The machine is fully framed and is made to last in excess of 15 years. They come in electric, steam and gas-heated variants. Residual moisture control feature in the dryer eliminates the overdrying problem in the laundry that is the most common cause of damage and texture loss to all kinds of fabrics.

UNICA 200: UNICA from Belgium is another company nearing 100 years in the production of heavy-duty industrial machines. UNICA makes only large capacity washer extractors, starting from 100 kg all the way to 300 kg. The unique feature of the machine is the divided
cylinder. The benefits of this design are many, some of which are:

  • Unmatched reliability. As there is no load on the shaft like the common cantilever design, the lifespan of these machines is given in decades with some of them even crossing 40 years in operation.
  • The load is divided equally into compartments making sure the same does not get mixed up with other linen, and avoids entangling of linen, which is a major cause of damage to fabrics.
  • A very small footprint in relation to the production capacity.
  • High and regulated mechanical action for high washing quality.
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