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Generate your own cleaning liquid on-site

Ozone + Nanobubbles cleans and sanitises surfaces

Product Code: CIJ 11/18-1341
Email: enquiry@virtualinfo.in
Call: +91 22 6140 4111

One of the major initiatives taken by Indian Railway is to provide clean and hygienic experiences to its users and commuters and working towards net-zero and sustainability goals set for 2030. The major concerns of Indian Railways are:

  • Reduce smell, water and energy consumption
  • Maximum utilisation of resources
  • Reducing operations cost

Adoption of Accelerated Cleaning Systems India Pvt. Ltd’s Nanobubble Aqueous Ozone Technology (NAO) would give a major boost to addressing these concerns. NAO eliminates/drastically reduces the use of toxic chemicals and consumables as it is produced from only tap water and oxygen in the air.

By installing the On-site Generation Systems (OGS), Indian Railways could generate its own cleaning liquid, whenever, wherever and as much as they want, thus eliminating transportation & storage, and reduce packaging waste, chemical usage and operations cost.

Product Code: CIJ 11/18-1340
Email: enquiry@virtualinfo.in
Call: +91 22 6140 4111

NAO works as a cleaning solution that contains a high concentration of activated oxygen in the form of nanobubbles. When sprayed onto a surface, NAO helps in cleaning & sanitising by advanced oxidation process, and then converts back to water.

Since NAO requires zero rinsing, it drastically reduces water consumption and intensity of the labour employed. It promotes passenger and labour health as it leaves no residue on surfaces and does not emit any VOCs.

NAO can be used with existing equipment like mechanised scrubbers, laundry machines etc and does not require any change in cleaning protocol or training.


  • Eliminate/reduce toxic chemicals
  • Eliminate odour completely
  • Safe and sustainable
  • Zero residues on surfaces
  • Zero air emissions
  • No adverse health effects
  • Reduced packaging waste


Airports & railways, laundries, factory facilities, institutions, hospitals, clinics, hotels, restaurants, malls, public & private offices, schools and universities, etc.

Environmental Certification:

Solutions approved and recognized by FDA, EPA, USDA, Green Seal, Clean Seal.

CCS Caddy

CCS Fill Station

Portable NAO generating unit

Wall mounted

Cover large and multiple surface areas

Provides continuous flow of NAO water

Inbuilt vacuum

Multiple applications





CCS Caddy

CCS Fill Station

Voltage (V)



Weight (kg)



Flow Rate (L/min)



Dimensions (D*W*H) (inches)



Inlet Pressure (PSI)


Amps (A)


Spray Pressure (PSI)


Fresh Water Tank (L)


Recovery Water Tank (L)


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