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FM skilling program for govt. school students curated by TCFM, Embassy Group and Mentric Solutions

FM skilling program for govt school students adopted by Embassy Group

Aimed at enhancing employment opportunities for Government School students and arming them with the skills and knowledge to join the workforce, Embassy Group inaugurated a Facility Management Skilling program, curated by TCFM (Technique Control Facility Management) and Mentric Solutions. This specialized program is for students who have passed out of Embassy Group’s adopted Government Schools in Bangalore.

The FM Skilling program has onboarded its first batch of 31 children, bridging the skill gap through Mentric ALL (Mentric’s Learning Management portal) and offline trainings. Students will also receive assessments on their learning journey through their customized rubrics, get equipped with relevant practical knowledge, and receive soft skills and job readiness training. Upon completion of a four-month training course out of a state-of-the-art practical training center customised by TCFM, the upskilled students will be awarded with well-paying jobs in TCFM.

Embassy Group believes in empowering students from underprivileged backgrounds through holistic and innovative learning programs for self-development and future employability. Currently, Embassy provides over 120 Government Schools in Karnataka with educational and infrastructural support.

To create a strong network with the means of connecting students to opportunities after they pass out from school, Embassy and its NGO Partner, Colours of Life, founded an alumni program in 2017 called the Colours of Life Academy (COLA). COLA was meant for students who have graduated, or left Embassy adopted Government Schools but would like assistance in terms of fees for higher studies, extra tuitions, mentorship and career guidance. As part of the program, regular meetings and webinars are conducted to educate and counsel students on different options for their future careers, of which TCFM is a regular participant.

According to recent reports, there are an estimated 40 crore blue-collar and 15 crore white-collar workers in India. Through this program, Embassy Group and its partners hope to develop and help the next generation of blue collar employees, contributing to the growth of the Indian economy through its upskilled workforce and closing any gaps in the educational journey of underprivileged students.

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