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The healthcare infection control seminar session during the January Clean India event, opened up interesting discussions and useful information on tackling the infections associated with hospitals. Surprisingly, most of the sources of bacteria in a healthcare set up are at the very base level starting from the hands of the medical staff leading to other levels like ventilators in ICUs. A study published recently in the Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine states that ventilators can be the carriers of multi-drug resistant bacteria. This issue of Clean India Journal has touched upon the challenges in achieving zero infection level and the need to enhance awareness and create the necessary infrastructure, especially in the government hospitals and smaller healthcare facilities.

This being the March issue, we have featured a few successful women entrepreneurs in the facility services. One field which offers a whole lot of challenges is housekeeping, as the health, well being and productivity of the occupants depend very much on the environment. It is remarkable how some enterprising women have worked hard to find a place for themselves in this most demanding profession.

Speaking of women in housekeeping, the department in the hospitality sector is largely dominated by them. With sheer passion for their job, many of them are striving and strategizing their move up the ladder to hold more responsibilities. International Housekeepers’ Summit initiated by Clean India Journal along with I-Professional Housekeepers’ Association in 2016 has been a very successful event bringing together the executive housekeepers from Indian and neighboring countries. Over 300 housekeepers from 11 countries will gather at the 3rd International Housekeepers’ Summit at Colombo, Sri Lanka in July.

This is sure going to be a great gathering, throwing up opportunities both for the housekeeping professionals as well as for the product and system providers in the hospitality industry.


Mangala Chandran

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