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The popularity of microfibre cleaning products has grown largely due to its ability to lift dirt and pick up dust particles. IP Cleaning manufactures highquality microfibre fabrics for cleaning applications. The fibre is split during the manufacturing process to produce multi-stranded fibres which increases the surface area and consequently more water can be absorbed during the cleaning process.

For microfibre to be effective as a cleaning product, especially for watersoluble soils and waxes, it should be a split. Non-split microfibre is little more than a very soft cloth.

When buying, microfibre may not be labelled to designate whether it is split. Run the cloth over the palm of the hand, a split microfibre will cling to imperfections of the skin and can be either heard or felt. Another way to know what kind of microfibre is to pour a small amount of water on a hard and flat surface and try to push the water with the microfibre. If the water is pushed rather than being absorbed, it’s not split microfibre.

Microfibre holds seven times its weight in liquid and it can be used to clean, dry and polish every surface with excellent results.


Strong cleaning qualities and highly effective on micro grime
• Dries quickly (1/3 of time of traditional cotton cloths) and absorbs well (holds seven times its weight in water)
• Can be used on all surfaces — even those that are delicate
• Saves time and labour (minimum 30%) and consequently money
• Long lasting as the mops can be washed 300-400 times
• Ergonomical — microfibre mops are lighter (in weight) than conventional mops
• Just using microfibre with water; 98.9% of bacteria is removed from smooth surfaces
• Slip and fall instances are reduced as the floors dry faster than when cleaned with conventional mops
• Ecological — allowing a saving on water and quantity of chemical product-
• Using cotton-loop mop for a day will require 21 gallons of water and 10.5 ounces of chemical, while a microfibre mop will use only one gallon of water and half-ounce of chemical

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