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Cleaning, sanitation in food industries

The primary objective of cleaning in Food Industry is to remove the residue in the machinery on which bacteria grow and to rid all the surface areas including walls of any physical impurities.

Efficient methods

The most popular and often used method to remove surface deposits is to clean with a Pressure Washer of about 15 lpm flow & 150 bar pressure. The size and type of pressure washer will be determined by the area and type of machinery being cleaned and the level of cleanliness required. The type would normally be a hot water pressure washer with a steam nozzle option for deeper cleaning like ‘HOT WATER MODEL – 6970’ from Astol Cleantech (P) Ltd.

Alternatively, a standalone Dry Professional Steam Cleaner generating about 9– 2 bar steam pressure might be more appropriate for some applications. This cleaning equipment is available as static or portable unit but the selection of the correct unit is determined by the requirement of the equipment used in the process. A preferred one shall be a Mobile Unit for its convenience to be carried to the point of use – the applications surfaces. Model steam cleaner supplied by Astol Cleantech is ‘GV KATLA.’

Customized Cleaning

The processes followed in food industry are normally same every day and therefore, the cleaning requirements are also more or less likely to be similar. The procedure for cleaning food industry machinery is to clean surfaces with the appropriate chemicals followed by rinsing and applying a sanitizing agent to reduce microorganisms to a safe level. To achieve the correct level of hygiene, it is better to install a customised system which allows the process to be carried out to the correct standard.

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