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Clean India Show, Chennai –Newer Dimension,Wider Response

Around 4000 visitors from different sectors and industries across the country visited the three-day Show for understanding the latest in cleaning technology and products, participating in the seminars, as well as doing business.

There has been a distinct shift in attitudes towards cleaning. Visitors at CIS 2008 looked for equipment suitable for their premises, unlike what was noticed during the 2006 and 2007 Shows. Visitors both corporates and institutions then cited budget constraints to investing in cleaning equipment or hiring cleaning services. It reflected a conservative approach towards cleaning which was largely attitudinal. Most of them took refuge in budgetary limitation in spite of including cleanliness and hygiene practices in their social corporate responsibility.

However, the ceiling on budgets did not come up this year. Visitors spent time in each stall to understand the operation of equipment, its capacity and technology. Environment-friendly chemicals generated interest in many. Products like eco friendly floor cleaners, hand sanitisers and air freshener were on the limelight.

Among large equipment displayed at the Show, the road sweeper at Manmachine Karcher’s stall, though made a delayed and ‘crashing’ entry, had visitors stop by. The government and municipal bodies looked at civic cleaning solutions and were much satisfied with the presence of such machines. The Compactor from Neel Metal Fanalca took the welcoming post just outside the exhibition hall.

Along with corporates and industrial houses there were small eating outlets and institutions sourcing equipment. Saravana Bhavan, a leading food chain in Chennai, have placed orders for floor cleaning machines. If at one end multinationals are striving to meet international standards, smaller companies like eateries are also meeting cleaning requirements to stay ahead in the race.

A major hit in the equipment section and an instant crowd puller at the Show was the street sweeping machine, Glutton from Christrian Lange SA, Belgium, marketed by Clean World Equipment Co, India. A gluttonous affair indeed – the machine was seen gobbling everything fed to it and quietly swallowing it down to its bin. It had a magical effect with people queuing to view as large pet bottles, garbage, small soft drink cans… disappeared into the machine.

Besides, investing in cleaning equipment, chemicals, as part of corporate planning, many companies are looking at total solution providers. Though a few participants from Facility Management/Housekeeping sectors: All Services Under One Roof, PCI Environmental Services and Handiman were at the Show responding to this trend, there was definitely a need for more such companies at the Show.

CIS has been expanding with every consecutive show, constantly expanding horizons to include new solution providers. Waste management is one of the burning issues facing many sectors including the Municipal Corporations, hospitals, railways and hospitality industry. The new entrants to this year’s Show were from the Waste Management sector – Ramky Group and Neel Metal Fanalca.


Seminars on ‘Food Safety’ and ‘Cleanliness and Hygiene in Healthcare sector’ on the third day were well attended by quality participants. Presentations on Food Safety were made by Abhay Desai, Director-Marketing, JohnsonDiversey and Dr M. Manoj Beno, Medical Director, Billroth Hospitals, Chennai. Talking at the second session were Nabhojit Ghosh, Executive Chef, Taj Coromandel, Chennai, Dr. C. Ventakaraman, Head of Certification, Chennai Office, Bureau Veritas Certification India Pvt. Ltd (BVQI) and Dr Richard Joseph, Advisor, Schevaran Laboratories Pvt. Ltd, Chennai.


Rajan Sivadoss, Asst. Facility Manager, CBRE-Chennai: We learnt about this show couple of months back. We basically visited the show to select cleaning equipment and chemicals for a new facility in Peringudy, Tamil Nadu. On visiting the show we were able to pick up new ideas and methods to provide cleaning solutions.

P.R. Mehra, MD, G4S Facility Services Pvt. Ltd: It was more of a learning process. There is a lot to learn, especially for the FM services sector. The show, from its earlier days has improved. It was more of equipment then and now it is developing into processes around facilities by which people are realising that cleaning of office is more technology related which enhances the environment leading to more productivity. It also helps learn about the apt and eco friendly products to be used for cleaning facilities thereby ensuring the health of the staff.

M. Jayasree, Purchase department of Infosys Technologies, Chennai: We visited the show to pick up a couple of cleaning equipment and chemicals from JohnsonDiversey and other companies. We also had the opportunity to mingle with top officials and could clarify doubts with Eureka Forbes.

Chetan Ghetia, Purchase & Project Associate, The Galaxy Education System, Rajkot: We came to the show with our team looking for modern cleaning solutions for six schools in Rajkot and one in Jamnagar, Gujarat, with a total school area of 25 lakh sq. ft. We are subscribers of Clean India Journal. We have been doing manual cleaning in all our schools and are now in the process of installing automated cleaning systems. We bought bio-degradable chemicals and equipment from JohnsonDiversey, Karcher, Eureka Forbes and Roots and also auto-janitor systems for the toilets.

Usha Ramalingam, Corporate Executive Housekeeper, The Rain Tree, Chennai: We got learn a lot of new practices at the Show. We found that the dealers/ manufacturers were not only selling the product but also providing training for the same. Though we could not meet all the exhibitors at the Show, post-event we are having interactions with them, as we are opening up a new facility.

K. Sainath, Sr. Manager, Fourrts (India) Laboratories Pvt. Ltd, Chennai: If one has to see or know about the machines then it is only at a show like this. This is the first time such a show is happening in Chennai. We have interacted with chemical and equipment dealers at the show and have understood the pricing structure. Since we do not have contact with direct dealers we face problems. We surely will learn more about the cleaning industry through the pages of Clean India Journal.

P. Muthukrishnan, Advance Engineer, India Pistons, Chennai: I basically came in search of good floor cleaning machine for our factory. We have epoxy flooring and we were able to spot dealers for supply of the machine.

C.V. Bhaskara Reddy, Sr. Engineer, Bosch Ltd, Bangalore: Compared to the Bangalore show two years back, the Chennai show was much better and informative. The Clean India Challenge was specially very useful. It put to test the skills of the housekeeping company, which is really commendable. We were also looking at FM companies and there were only two or three of them at the show. We do have one now but are looking at renewing the contract for the coming year.

Aarti Oberoi, Manager-Housekeeping, Dishman, Ahmedabad: It is at shows like this that we get to learn about the latest equipment and technology in cleaning. The show has improved a lot in terms of seminars and new companies displaying their products. It give a great exposure to the cleaning market.

P. Vasudevalu, Manager-Facilities Management Department, Reliance Retail, Chennai: It has been informative to our line of application. We usually don’t buy equipment or any other product but recommend to our downstream vendor. We were looking for carpet cleaning equipment and we found one at Innovative.

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