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Advanced floor cleaning innovations

The brave new leap forward in floor cleaning machines is here. Comac India Pvt Ltd has introduced a range of specialised solutions that elevate the capabilities and performance of its entire product range.

Most available floor cleaning machines differ little in their specifications; selection is  based on their productivity, cost of maintenance and after sales service support. While these factors are important, the following are particularly relevant to selecting floor cleaning machines, especially scrubber dryers, in the pharma & food industries:

  • Ease of cleaning the tanks
  • Material of construction and ingredients used in manufacturing of tanks.
  • Anti-corrosion material/corrosion protection.

The above features are important to avoid accumulation of impurities and spreading of contaminants.

Comac Easy-Clean Tanks

Comac has developed a special treatment that makes the tanks of its floor scrubbers easier to clean and make hygienic. This treatment consists of an additive that is used during the moulding of the tanks in order to significantly reduce the porosity of the plastic, thus making the walls of the structure smoother and easier to clean. The effectiveness of this treatment is seen in lower levels of dirt sedimentation, and as a result, in a reduction in the unpleasant odours that are usually generated inside the tanks.

Floor scrubbers have become a tool used on a daily basis, and they are often operated throughout the entire day, including in the presence of people. For this reason, it is important that they are not only pleasant to look at and simple to use but above all easy to clean, thus contributing to making the cleaning operations themselves more efficient.


  • Facilitates the cleaning, hygiene and sanitisation of the tanks of floor scrubbers
  • Helps to prevent the unpleasant odor that can form inside recovery tanks
  • Reduces the sedimentation of dirt, and as a result, the presence of any pathogenic agents that may be found inside the tanks
  • Helps to improve the perception of cleanliness by those who may find themselves in the vicinity of the floor scrubber.

Comac Antibacterial Tanks

A study carried out by Comac on the proliferation of bacteria in floor scrubbers identified the recovery tank as the environment most subject to bacterial proliferation which, in addition to being a source of unpleasant odors, can also lead to the dispersion of pathogenic agents into the environment. In light of this study, and with the awareness that many Comac floor scrubbers are used to work in sensitive environments such as pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, nursing homes and private clinics, a technology has been developed to reduce the bacterial load present in the tanks.

The antibacterial tanks of Comac floor scrubbers are created with a special additive that is designed to keep the bacterial load lower than that present in traditional tanks. This additive is added during the moulding phase, and is thus present in the entire structure of the tank, making the antibacterial treatment effective throughout the entire life cycle of the floor scrubbing machine. Indeed, the antibacterial efficacy remains unchanged even in case of minor damage, such as scratches or knocks.


  • Reduces the proliferation of bacteria inside tanks
  • Contributes to reducing the formation of unpleasant odors inside the tanks of floor scrubbers, generated by the decay of organic materials
  • Reduces the risk of dispersion of pathogenic agents into the surrounding environment
  • Increases the well-being of the people who visit or work in the places where the floor scrubber operates
  • Makes floor scrubbers safer, as one of the fundamental tools for restoring hygienic and sanitary conditions in healthcare environments

Comac Corrosion Protection

This treatment is used to coat and protect the metallic parts of floor scrubbers which are exposed to corrosion.

Comac floor scrubbers are extremely versatile and are often used in environments such as swimming pools, fishmongers, dairies, slaughterhouses, food laboratories, and in all environments where corrosive agents can be found in the air or ground.

The CCP treatment provides a thermoplastic coating that makes the metal resistant to unfavourable conditions, detergents, salt spray and pollutants that are present in specific environments.


  • Protection of the metal surfaces of the machine from corrosion
  • The parts that are subject to the CCP treatment are very smooth, which also reduces the deposit of organisms, therefore simplifying the cleaning and sanitising operations of the machine
  • Comac floor scrubbers with CCP that are destined for use in aggressive environments can thus work longer and require less extraordinary maintenance

These technologies can have a very distinct impact on keeping the environment safe, not only by cleaning the floors effectively but also providing value at every step of cleaning/post cleaning or maintenance of the machines.

Walk behind scrubber dryer

Antea 50E/B is a high performing, easy to use, walk-behind professional scrubbing machine, ideal for both maintenance and heavy duty professional cleaning of floors in pharma companies, offices, hospitals, shops, public buildings, restaurants, hotels, sports centers, supermarkets and production facilities.

Robust, resistant and reliable, it has been designed to improve productivity and reduce the cost of cleaning operations.

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