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In the December 2011 edition of the newsletter of Roots Multiclean Limited, Ruediger Schroeder, President & CEO writes that the year gone by has been very “successful and remarkable” for his company. Apart from the development of new products and expansion of manufacturing facilities and operation activities, the year also saw Roots’ exports zooming.

“We recorded 30% growth in all the three verticals — Institutional, Industrial and Municipal. The general low sentiments notwithstanding, the year has been good for the cleaning industry,” states Sumeet Khurana, Managing Director, Dulevo India.

For Diversey India too 2011 has been good. “However, the second half saw increase in material price by 8-12% and even up to 15% at times due to the falling of rupee value and fuel price hike,” says Abhay Desai, Director, Regional Sector Marketing BSC / FM APAT. According to Vivek Mata, Managing Director, Charnock Equipments Pvt Ltd, his company too clocked an increase of 25-30% growth in sales, though the rupee’s falling value did affect margins. For most of the Indian companies, 2011 has given high sales volume. So, 2012 comes with a whole lot of challenges and pressures, yet the trend shows opening up of more opportunities for cleaning business.

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