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Zoono India Launching Innovative Hygiene Solutions

[box type=”shadow” ]Nano technology has by far made a successful impact, technology-wise, in achieving the desired results. Zoono Group of Companies has recently tied up with Bharadwaj & Co., Mumbai, to represent Zoono India. In a brief interview, Paul Hyslop, Group Managing Director-CEO, Zoono Group of Companies and Ranjit Bhardwaj, Chief Executive Officer, Zoono India, share their plans and strategy to introduce their innovative products in India. Zoono India will be making its debut at the forthcoming 16th edition of Clean India Show in Bangalore. [/box]

India, primarily being a tropical country, with high density, heat and humidity promote spread of viruses and bacteria. Zoono has introduced an innovative product, tailor made for India. It is a water-based surface coating solution which kills bacteria & viruses and is simple & safe to use. The surface coating not only kills the bacteria instantly and provides a protection period to the surface up to 30 days. Similarly, the hand sanitizer which is 99.4% water and only has a small amount of active ingredient, provides protection for the skin for 24 hours. “The product is safe as has as little toxicity as the coffee served by Starbucks,” says Paul Hyslop.

Highlighting the effectiveness of the product, Paul explained that other hygiene products that are alcohol based, do kill the bacteria instantly, however, the moment one shakes hands with someone or touches a surface, it gets infected again. In case of Zoono product, it will protect the skin and surface for a prolonged period and does not get washed off. “It is classified as a no-rinse sanitizer.”

Zoono products have been tested in Germany, the UK, Middle East, Africa, the US, New Zealand and Australia. The tests are done in a third-party laboratory with ISO certification. In other countries, Zoono has a wide range of B2B products successfully used in hotels, restaurants, corporate market, food manufacturing and processing, as well as in the education segment. There are also B2C retail products – hand sanitizer, athlete foot products, female hygiene products, skin care, wound cleanser, range of alcohol-free wet wipes, wipes for babies, all-purpose wipes for skin & surfaces and laundry products which protects the clothes for 30 washes. These will be launched in India next year.

Sharing his experience of the products in other countries, Paul says that based on the effectiveness and safety of the Zoono products, food processing manufacturers find “it as an insurance policy”. The cleaning process as such is not always 100%. “While the surface looks clean, it is not. Our products provide the antimicrobial coating which works with cleaning.”

Ranjit Bhardwaj believes that in India, Zoono products will make an impact in segments like hospitality, food industry, packaging industry, cold storages, transport, poultry, aviation and education. “We have a strong distribution channel across India, including cities like Kochi, Calicut, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Goa.”

One of the focus industries of Zoono India is hospitality besides manufacturing and healthcare facilities. Speaking of healthcare, “We can help the good hospitals get better and not-so-good hospitals improve dramatically.”

“As far as hospitality is concerned, Zoono treated rooms have shown to have 600% less bacteria. The technology is different, and our product only works when it is dry. It leaves no residue and bonds to the surface. It is non-toxic and environment friendly with long lasting benefits. It comes into action only when it is applied on the surface.”

Internationally, it has been very effective in areas where cross-contamination is high. This includes kindergarten, child care centres, hospitals, schools, hotels, aircrafts, airports, production units, offices, etc.

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