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Zero Discharge at Ambuja Cement

Ambuja Cement (Holicim), Ropar, Punjab, has awarded Ion Exchange (India) Ltd., the contract for a zero discharge plant – their first complete zero discharge project where the entire recycling system as well as the evaporate equipment are being supplied by us. And it is also the first integrated zero discharge project for a cement plant in India; it will recover over 93% of the waste water for reuse and the balance seven per cent will be evaporated leaving no liquid waste for discharge.

The plant will treat 500 m3/day of waste water comprising cooling tower blowdown, softener regeneration waste and DM plant regeneration waste using clarification, ultra filtration and two-stage Reverse Osmosis. The reject from the second RO plant will be taken to an evaporator. The recycled treated water will have TDS < 200 ppm. Ion Exchange (India) Ltd, has already installed a treatment plant for Chettinad Cement Corporation, Puliyur, Tamil Nadu, which includes pressure sand filtration, RO, degassification and demineralisation.

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