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Yes, Eco-friendly can be Luxurious too!

On a subject as large as “sustainability” people find it easier to give up or think that it is the government or companies that need to do something. However, the fact is that as part of the ecosystem, all of us need to do our bit. At Clean Planet we believe that “Each One of Us Can Make a Difference. Together we make Change”


Savitha Rao

While working in apparel & accessories segment for international markets and constantly looking for ways to make work more eco-friendly –reducing packaging, reducing processes, consolidating cargo movement etc. –an article on the North Pole melting changed my mind forever. It inspired me to do something directly connected to sustainability, the origin of Clean Planet. Setting up a new Start-up “Clean Planet”, we progressively developed a range of pioneering products – Eco Veggie, Eco Gift Bags, Eco Laptop sleeves and now Swachh Citizen. Our products have been retailed in Japan, USA and UK in addition to our home market – India.

We choose high quality raw materials. The fabrics we use for our totes / sleeves are from natural fibres, high quality. We mentor women’s groups to stitch products for Clean Planet. This is part of the Clean Planet Empower program. Our products are completely planet friendly. Now, in addition to being eco-friendly by using Clean Planet products – our customers earn good karma of enabling meaningful employment.

We are very particular not to use any synthetic elements like plastic zips, Velcro, foam etc. We pay close attention to every stage of the manufacturing to create impeccable products. The end product is eco- friendly, quality oriented and stylish. Which means it can be used often and for a longer span.

For over 2.5 years we have been running a civic campaign “India KuchKar” which is a broad platform designed to inspire people to become engaged citizens of India. One of our key campaigns is on cleanliness in civic spaces. So, we were really happy when Swachh Bharat was launched. For the first time – cleanliness has got the kind of attention is deserves and requires. Cleanliness is much more than about neat spaces – it enables spaces to be safer, reduce health problems, brings a sense of pride in the country and improves quality of life. Swachh Bharat made a great start in inspiring people from different walks of life to come out and help clean community spaces. Now, we need to move to a phase where we prevent litter from coming on to the street and ultimately shape civic culture to a point where littering does not happen. Swachh Citizen is a big step in that direction. Initiatives taken at Clean Planet aims inspire users and people around to go Swachh. We believe in not just managing litter, but seek to reduce and eliminate single use / limited use / non-ecofriendly products.

Since all our POP material is made using mostly paper, cloth or stones, it is assured to be entirely bio-degradable and non-toxic. We reuse almost all the packaging material we receive and only purchase new packaging when we haven’t any left to recycle.

We never pack products individually, neither at the time of production nor at the point of supply. Plus all the packaging we send out is stamped to encourage reuse and recycle. We also encourage our supply partners to reduce their use of packaging.

We make it possible for people to be ecofriendly in a smart, stylish and affordable way.


Savitha Rao, Founder & Director,

Clean Planet

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