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Xeros-IFB Enter into Technological tie-up

Xeros Technology Group, the developer and provider of water saving technologies has recently signed an exclusive agreement to develop and license its domestic and commercial washing machine technologies to IFB Industries Limited, the leading domestic appliance and commercial laundry equipment supplier in South Asia. Clean India Journal speaks to Mark Nichols, CEO – Xeros Technology Group about the tie-up, and how Xeros products can benefit Indian laundries and our water-scarce environment.

What is Xeros understanding with IFB and for which product?

The Development and Licensing Agreement has a 10-year duration and covers the incorporation and commercialisation of Xeros’ water saving XOrb™ and XDrum™ technologies into selected ranges of IFB’s domestic and commercial sized washing machines. IFB will have access to Xeros’ technology and has been granted rights to the Indian market on an exclusive basis and for other South Asian territories on a non-exclusive basis. The contract has the provision to add additional territories on a non-exclusive basis.

Sales of commercial washing machines (branded as Hydrofinity) and domestic washing machines incorporating Xeros’ technologies are planned to commence in India in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

With this agreement, IFB’s customers will be able to reduce water, detergent energy consumption whilst simultaneously benefitting from improved cleaning performance and garment life extension.

How can Xeros help Indian laundries be more water and energy efficient?

Hydrofinity, a subsidiary of Xeros Technology Group, has been supplying commercial washing machines to hotels and laundries world-wide since 2012. Our sustainable washing machine can benefit the Indian laundry and dry-cleaning industry in many ways.

A Hydrofinity system uses up to 80% less water than a traditional machine. On average, a laundry processing 45,000kg of linen per month will save 3.6 million litres of water every year by installing two Hydrofinity systems. Annual water saving per business approximates 1.6 million litres – enough to supply all of Delhi with water for two weeks. Customers will receive regular reports from us regarding their water consumption.

Our system requires lower water temperatures to run, so it can use up to 50% less electricity than a conventional machine (depending on ambient water temperature). With everincreasing electricity costs, this translates into real savings for operators.

How can you help Indian laundries lower costs?

Whilst lowering water and energy bills, it also reduces detergent and maintenance costs. Indirect savings include linen replacement & staff costs, since less pre-treating and sorting frees up staff. A 400-bed hotel could save up to 1.7 million litres of water, and Rs.6.3 million a year. Many of our customers have seen a return on investment in as little as 18 months.

This will vary from site to site, but we can create a personalised projection for each customer.

What kind of results does your technology produce?

Our award-winning Hydrofinity technology is proven to remove tough stains, including make-up, food and blood, often in just one wash. Customers report softer, fluffier towels, whiter linens, and crisper tablecloths with less creasing after switching to the unique system. Lower temperatures and less detergent means reduced shrinkage and less wear and tear of expensive sheets and towels.

At a time when India is getting water scarce, how is Xeros technology going to help?

India is among the world’s most water-stressed countries. According to the World Bank, the amount of water available per person in India has reduced from 3,000-4,000 cubic metres a year in 1950 to just 1,000 cubic metres today, so it’s vital that India implements and achieves the goals set out by the National Water Mission.

IFB ’s capabilities and market reach make them a very strong commercialisation partner in a country where water demand is expected to increase by more than 60% over the next 30 years with some 80% of the current population already impacted by water scarcity.

As India continues its transition to a more urban and affluent economy, demand for and the use of water in the home and industry will increase dramatically. By adopting technologies such as ours, we can help to divert water use away from processes where it isn’t needed to where it is – such as growing crops and, crucially, the supply of clean, safe drinking water.

A single cycle of our commercial washing machine technology can save up to 600 litres of water. With a hotel running more than 10 cycles a day, water savings are over 6 cubic metres of water per day. Domestic machines also have dramatic levels of water savings. So, by working with IFB Industries to introduce our technologies across homes and businesses in India, I’m confident we can help the country work towards the goal of a 20% increase in water use efficiency.

Xeros’ worldwide reach.

Operating globally, Hydrofinity is a division of Xeros Technology Group, who aim to sustain the world’s water supplies for future generations. Driven by the principle that water is essential and precious, Hydrofinity helps businesses reduce their environmental footprint while creating substantial cost efficiencies in their laundry operations.

Over the past eight years, we have launched in the UK, USA, Australia, UAE, South Africa, Malta and Turkey. This year we are launching in both India and China.

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