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The World Toilet Summit & Expo 2009, (December 2-4), organised by the Singapore-based World Toilet Organization (WTO) and MP Asia, in partnership with Asian Development Bank (ADB), with support from local partner Restroom Association, Singapore will focus on “Creating the Blueprint for a Sustainable Sanitation Marketplace”.

The highlights of the summit include:

  • Water Sanitation Financing Facility, by Jon Lane, Executive Director of Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC)
  • Communication for sanitation development tracks,led by WSSCC
  • Financing sanitation tracks, led by ADB.

Other topics to be covered include:

  • Sanitation marketing
  • Standards and policies
  • School sanitation
  • Financing sanitation, led by Asian Development Bank
  • Social entrepreneurship: A sanitation economy
  • Real corporate citizenship: Making good business sense

Four workshops will cover Design and Technology for built environments and developing cities.

Accompanying the summit will be a showcase of toilet and sanitation design and technologies from all over the globe. It will feature portable toilet solutions, green and sustainable toilet technologies. The World Toilet Expo is also co-located with Pulire Asia Cleaning Solutions Expo, a cleaning technology exhibition.

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