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Workplaces are undergoing a radical transformation. According to Sodexo’ Workplace Trends Report 2018, Millennials are increasingly looking forward to a more interactive experience — better engagement, improved collaboration with colleagues and being more emotionally connected with their work, team, superiors and consumers. Organisations are quickly recognising this trend; they now promote exceptional employee experience, the perks being enhanced employee loyalty, low attrition, better productivity and revenue. Among the many factors that affect a positive employee experience, cleanliness of the workplace is at the forefront

Downfall of ancient cleaning methods

Keeping the workplace clean and hygienic has always been a necessary part of office management. Traditionally, supervising and managing the cleanliness of workplaces was an extremely tedious manual process. Details of work execution had to be entered on paper on a daily basis, authenticated and signed by a supervisor, and the details consolidated at the end of the month. This delayed the process of report generation and subsequently invoicing. It had several loopholes too. For instance:

• The manual cleaning process was monotonous and was mandatorily done at regular intervals, even if there was no footfall in between. This led to wastage of cleaning resources.
• There were no checks to ascertain the authenticity of the daily reports.
• There was also no provision for client complaint and redressal in real time.

But gradually, with the advent of new technologies, organisations realised that the traditional had to be replaced with digital, to make the entire system more efficient and streamlined. The requirement was for Smart Cleaning.

Rise of Smart Cleaning

Smart Cleaning is a digitally controlled cleaning solution introduced by Sodexo, in association with PAZO. Sodexo has always been a pioneer in embracing new technologies in every segment of the organisation, and Smart Cleaning is another step in this direction. This new technology integrates management systems, communications, data analytics and maintenance into the cleaning system and provides a comprehensive solution to all the problems.

A win-win situation for all

With Smart Cleaning, organisations have a complete solution in their hands. They have the privilege of logging in to the app at any time to monitor progress. In case of any deviation, they can raise complaints that are proactively addressed by Sodexo; the task completed in real time. Smart Cleaning can space out the cleaning schedule as per the footfall and the necessity. The digital solution also enables a paperless environment, thus promoting a cleaner and greener workplace. It rules out the need for supervisors; saving resources.

The cleaning employees perform their tasks as required; scanning QR codes of cleaning area at designated times, doing as necessary and uploading visual proof of job execution. There is complete transparency in the process.

Future prospects

This Smart Cleaning solution can be a part of multiple services like housekeeping and office management for daily activities monitoring. The data gathered over time can help in preventive maintenance, asset management and to understand employee behaviour on site.

Digital solutions have constantly been enhancing workplaces; providing perfect QOL to Sodexo employees, clients and the community at large.

Karan Totlani
Segment Director – Pharma & FMCG-Corporate Services Sodexo Onsite Services India

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