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Window Washing: Doing it Professionally

[box type=”shadow” ]Large windows, glass glazing… is a fad of today’s architecture. However, not all windows have engineered accessibility, making cleaning and maintenance a challenge. Professional window washing with the right kind of tools and machines keeps the glass structure clean.[/box]

Sarvesh-SahuSimply put, the definition goes like this: “Window cleaning or window washing is the cleaning of architectural glass used for structural, lighting or decorative purposes. It could be done manually using a variety of tools for cleaning, or automatically”. Well, that is undoubtedly correct, but what it does not say is the know-how, experience and creativity that every day window washers are putting in their activity.

Many years of practise has led to different cleaning methods that primarily aim at ensuring bright glasses, sparkle- and streak-free finish, and meeting full customer satisfaction. Professional washers teach that indoor window cleaning is different from outdoor: the level of dirt is higher over outdoor glasses and in many cases you must wash safely at a considerable height, with all the risks that this job involves. To this purpose, the additional use of light and ergonomic telescopic poles help users clean windows of high buildings safely from the ground, alleviating the need to work at height.

The market is offering a wide range of manual tools that together with chemical products, are still considered by users a traditional and still efficient way to clean windows indoor and outdoor. Here the reference is to the accessories and cleaning systems providing excellent cleaning results and ensuring time and costs savings as well. Professional washers can rely on a wide selection of traditional, handheld tools and accessories, built to last and to withstand continuous use, day after day. For example, specific sponges, squeegees,scrapers, washers, and all kind of clothes that enable professionals to work faster and more efficiently. Sometimes, the use of a specific detergent is required to soften dirt and to keep the glass wet and slippery long enough to use the squeegee on surfaces.

WINDOW-WASHINGHowever, many cleaning contractors are losing their confidence with chemicals, which can sometimes leave a tiny film over surfaces. This has further convinced them that the most effective way of cleaning windows, is by using simple pure water.

The innovative technological systems that have come up recently have altered the confidence levels of window washers to a large extent. For windows cleaning on skyscrapers, the self-climbing window cleaning system that can be operated via existing roof rigs enable easy cleaning. The High Rise system is activated wirelessly via remote control. For solar panels cleaning, it is a real challenge for window cleaners because of its size and inaccessibility. The HighPure system, a well-researched product, uses purified water, going through four filtration stages before achieving a perfect finish.

Indoor window cleaning is equally challenge, especially in modern buildings, where architects and professional cleaners often seem to have very different concerns when designing and developing a structure. In many cases, it seems that there is no chance to clean windows safely and efficiently. The IPC Cleano is a professional system recommended for it splash-free performances. This system eliminates the need to use buckets, fleece, soapy water and squeegees, because the featured microfiber mop performs efficiently, quickly and effortlessly. This system uses pure water and is suitable to clean horizontal and vertical surfaces

In short, all the mentioned technologies give real satisfaction to operators because results are bright! Such technologies using innovative materials also ensure significant labour saving. In addition, the use of detergent becomes optional and it is not necessarily tied to better performances. Another advantage with no detergents being used, is that it also helps companies show its commitment to sustainability.

Nowadays, operators in the cleaning sector and general consumers are extremely sensitive to the concept of sustainability and its different implications. This term is commonly being used as a synonym of “environment-friendly” that means “respect for the Planet”. But this is not all: the other two pillars of sustainability are safety and cost saving. When employees of a company are working in good conditions and have access to tools that make a safe working environment, they will be more motivated and efficient. Investments made in innovative products, in personnel’s safety and in eco-friendly cleaning systems, will definitely turn into a medium/longterm profit.

Sarvesh Sahu
Dy. Manager Sales & Marketing
IP Cleaning India Pvt. Ltd

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