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Window & Surface Indoor Cleaning

IP Cleaning India Pvt Ltd introduces Cleano 10 Discovery Pack which replaces the chequered white & yellow cotton dusters with micro pads and Cleano tools and help in efficient cleaning.

Glass Mop – Velcro

Ultra-microfiber pad for window cleaning. Combined with an alcohol-based chemical product. It cleans with only one wipe, eliminates dust, fingerprints, grease and other light dirt. The glass mop covers a bigger area in shorter time with excellent results.Ideal for: Glass, Mirrors, Stainless steel

Snow Mop – Velcro

White short pile microfiber with good sliding effect, suitable for wet/damp and dry cleaning. The fluidity ensures effective cleaning results in removing dirt an all types of surface.

Ideal for: White Boards, Marble, Canteen’s table

Spot Mop – Velcro

The combination of white short pile microfiber and the black abrasive spots ensures an excellent result in removing even the most difficult soil.

Ideal for: Bar counter, Industrial kitchens, White tiles

Zebry Mop – Velcro

Zebry has a very special ‘V’ structure that purposely interrupts the uniformity of the contact between the microfibers and the surface itself. The spaces that are created, allow the strand to penetrate deeper into the pores of the surfaces or into the grouts of tiles and to carry out a more careful and complete cleaning.

Ideal for: PVC Surfaces, Plexi glass, Laminate Surfaces

Super Sticky

Disposable polyester cloth with a special adhesive treatment. Easy to use by hand or with Cleano 10. Provides an adhesive power of 99% to capture all types of soil without leaving any residue.

Ideal for: Furnishing, Desks, Dusty shelves

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