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Why does Mumbai look like a ‘kandahar’?

It’s unfortunate that Mumbai is going down in every way. It is my city and I care for it. I’d like to see someone who actually cares about this city to take the position of influence and power. While in Delhi or Pune, I feel disheartened while comparing Mumbai’s state with the progress these cities have made in terms of infrastructure and organised functioning. We have the money and resources of any international metropolis, so why does our city look like kandahar?

The best thing about Mumbai was its metropolitan nature – both culturally and socially. It has always been an open city. Sadly, that is no longer the case. People have taken to protesting and boycotting things at the drop of a hat. It’s not the darkest hour yet, but we’re not far off.

Yet, I stay here because I’m not going to abandon my city when it is at its worst. I believe things will improve. Some day, people will come together and work for the city but this will have to be monitored.

Penalising perhaps would be the only way to stop people from becoming habitual offenders of civic rules. Most people wear seatbelts today to avoid fine. Since the police have taken a hard stance on drunken driving, incidents have gone down drastically. The system can work just fine, as long as it’s being taken seriously.

It’s just a matter of enforcing the laws. If people start following rules, traffic problems would automatically ease; this can lead to less pollution and a better environment. It is people’s will that has to be reigned in and made to work.

As told to Lata Khubchandani

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