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Why are hotel purchasing managers facing premature deaths?

I want this at any cost and in time. I don’t care what you do…’ is probably a resonating statement that echoes with the rising heartbeats of the purchasing manager at the back of the hotel… Probably, the purchasing manager has been unprepared for this specific requirement that has to be delivered in a few hours; Probably, he or she does not know of a supplier who can meet this demand within time; Probably, he or she knows the requirement has to be flown down from elsewhere and there is not enough time… These and many such thoughts impounding the minds of many of the purchasing managers has taken a toll on their lives. “We have lost 14 such managers in the last three years. It pains me even today when I look back,” says Nitin Nagrale, founder of the Hospitality Purchasing Managers Forum, in a frank and open interview with Clean India Journal.

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