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How to keep Mumbai clean? Where do we start? It is difficult to identify; it’s such a mess in every way. The traffic is so  bad that you just can’t begin to understand how long you could be stuck on the road at any given point of time. Roads are being repaired throughout the year adding to drivers’ grief. And despite the constant repair work, roads are in such poor shape.

Garbage is another problem. Everywhere there are overflowing garbage bins which look so repulsive. The beauty of this city gets lost.

Yet Mumbai has so much to offer to everyone. That’s why it’s overflowing with people. It is the city of dreams. The overpopulation has resulted in houses being built so close to each other that everyone can peer into their neighbour’s houses. If I sing in my house the neighbour hears me!

We also need more flyovers to ease the traffic and make life a little easy. Our house in Goregaon is beautiful but cut off so we plan to return to Juhu which obviously is noisy but commuting from Goregaon is such a problem.

In Mumbai, your options get limited to convenience rather than beauty and beautiful surroundings. Still, it is a city that offers you everything and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

As told to Lata Khubchandani

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