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What causes odour and How do you tackle it?

Odour generates from the bacteria in the un-cleaned uric acid, usually found on the floor or walls of the restrooms. To effectively get rid of this odour, all the surfaces of the restroom need to be cleaned and scrubbed. In case one doesn’t find the source, a UV- Light can make a patch in the dark room, glow. The glowing indicates the source of the odour which needs cleaning.

Strong odour fumes also originate from the floor drain.Any kind of smell if noticed must be addressed by the concerned janitor, supervisor or the manager. What one needs is a proactive team.

It is also observed that the janitors use the same mop & bucket, used in the other rooms leading to spreading odour and cross contamination. On completing the task in each room, the water should be drained. This would prevent continuous use of the same bucket and mop multiple times and also allows the drain to have flowing water in the trap.

Bad odour can be found not only in the washrooms but also in work areas. One must check the exhaust systems, the ventilation for regular circulation of fresh air and any water blockage or seepage.

Another reason for bad odour is when the sewer gases escape into the air due to dry trap or because of water stationed in the trap with food for too long.

A regular check on the Sewage Treatment Plant water used in the washrooms for flushing, a track on the trap and the drain line, regular briefing to the janitors about identifying the cause of the odour and deep cleaning the areas are feasible solutions.

De-ozonisers should be used in hospitals and pathology centres to cut through the strong odours of spirit and other chemicals along with some advice on how to prevent bad odour generated from Bio medical waste.

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