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Resil chemicals Pvt Ltd’s Klenza All-in-One Hygienic Wet Wipes are enriched with the goodness of Silver, offering 99.99% germ protection without alcohol or triclosan. Each application leaves your skin feeling fresh, deeply cleansed and moisturized.

These unique hygienic wet wipes are made of spun lace non-woven material making them ideal for sensitive skin as well.

Klenza wet wipes offer a convenient way to clean up quickly when soap and water are not available. These have a pleasant White Lotus fragrance that ensures a fresh feeling after use. Each pack contains 10 sheets. The re-sealable cover helps to keep the freshness and moisture of the wipes intact.

Silver has been used extensively across time and geographies for its antimicrobial properties. Now it is being used for personal hygiene. Conventional hygiene products contain high levels of alcohol.

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