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Wet cleaning: A better avenue than dry cleaning

Solutions to improve laundry cleaning efficiency

Contrary to what the name might imply, professional dry cleaners immerse fabric in a liquid solvent rather than water that doesn’t reach the fabric’s fibres. This avoids the shrinking and swelling that might happen when clothes are cleaned and submerged in water. The solvent employed effectively dissolves grease and difficult-to-remove oil stains while preserving the fabric’s authenticity. On the other hand, it tends to be on the more expensive side. The use of solvents can have a harmful influence on the environment as well as the fibres of the clothing being cleaned.

Instead of using solvents, wet cleaning makes use of water, detergents, soaps and bleaches. As a result, this method of laundering clothes is most efficient, friendly and natural. It eliminates volatile organic chemicals, which can cause eye and skin irritation, headaches and, in rare circumstances, cancer. Because wet cleaning is more water-based, it extends the life of clothing by giving it a gentler wash.

Chemicals or additives for wet cleaning improve the efficiency of laundry cleaning. These laundry additives offer certain advantages and benefits for efficient laundry washing and cleaning. In general, wet-cleaning agents are softer than dry-cleaning solvents and are less prone to cause fabric damage. Buzil Rossari Private Ltd (BRPL) offers top-tier washing chemicals as well as the industry’s best technical expert team.

Emulsifiers used to remove oil, make-up, grease, dirt, and other tough stains. They eliminate stubborn dirt or stains before washing: Rosa Pre, Rosa Pre HS, Rosa Premium, Rosa Emul TW, Rosa Sol.

Detergents are the main laundry cleaning agents to get rid of dust, dirt, oil, and, stains which are made of synthetic surfactant, chelating agents, enzymes, fragrances, and optical brighteners: Clean Wash, Rosa Det TW, Rosa RLD, Rosa SOB.

Detergent boosters are used together with laundry detergents to improve stain removal. The use of these boosters also enhances the cleaning performance of laundry detergent while at the same time conditioning the water for optimal results: Rosa UltraBuild TW, Rosa UltraBuild.

Bleaches are laundry cleaning aids used to remove stubborn stains not removed during the wash cycle, and brighten and whiten fabrics. Laundry chemicals like bleaches or de-stainers turn the soil into soluble particles that are then eliminated by laundry detergents. Laundry bleaches are available in two types: chlorine and oxygen: Rosa Hypoclean, Rosa OxyBleach, StainFree Series.

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