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Werner & Mertz Professional: TANET interior + Quick & Easy Dosing system

Werner & Mertz Professional: TANET interior + Quick & Easy Dosing system
With low surface and environmental residue

The new TANET interior + Quick & Easy system of Werner & Mertz Professional is a portable automatic dosing system consisting of highly sustainable formulations and one water cartridge in the green Effective® product design. It needs no installation, no maintenance and no instructions. One foam-spray head is sufficient for multiple application areas. It’s easy plug-and-play system allows foam-spray on every surface to be fast and safe. The cleaning formulation and water are mixed automatically while spraying. The refill cartridges are Cradle to Cradle™ GOLD certified. All Quick & Easy products are certified with the EU – Ecolabel.


  • As part of the Quick & Easy portable dosing system, the highly concentrated TANET interior Quick & Easy combines outstanding performance with minimum efforts and low cost in use.
  • Being CLP-free in application, it offers maximum user-safety.
  • Thanks to its unique surfactant base, this surface cleaner dries quickly and leaves no streaks and smears.


  • TANET interior Quick & Easy is ideally suited for all washable, smooth and shiny synthetic, varnish, ceramic, and metal surfaces. Also very well suited for all glass and mirror surfaces indoor and outdoor, such as windows, mirrors and glass cabinets.

Green Credentials

  • Complete biodegradability – TANET interior Quick & Easy with all its ingredients is totally biodegradable and has proven this important property in an accredited mineralization test according to OECD 302 B standard
  • Intensive use of renewable resources – Production under extensive use of renewable raw materials and energy using up to 100% hydroelectric, solar and geothermal power
  • Production independent of crude oil – 90% of organic carbon processed in TANET interior Quick & Easy originates from renewable plant resources which enables a production that is independent of crude oil
  • Active water stewardship – Maintaining own fresh and waste water treatment
  • Full transparency – Complete ingredient declaration
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