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Werner & Mertz Professional – Sanitary cleaner

Effective for all sanitary applications

Sanitary areas are one of the toughest to clean due to chronic issues such as staining, bad odour, scaling and disease-causing germ zones. Werner & Mertz Professional’s powerful combo of acidic (SANET zitrotan) and alkaline sanitary cleaners (SANET alkastar) is effective for all sanitary applications.


  • SANET Alkastar: Outstanding cleaning performance against oily and greasy soiling in acidsensitive sanitary areas, removes limescale, lime soap, water stains and dirt.
  • SANET Zitrotan: Enhances strong adhesion and provides exceptional cleaning results, leaving surfaces free of streaks and clouding combined with a fresh and pleasant lemon scent.


  • Suitable for enamel, chrome, porcelain, ceramic tiles, plastic and painted surfaces, marble and natural stone
  • Works on sinks, floors, shower areas, WC, bathtubs, faucets and fittings

Green Credentials:

  • First Cradle to CradleCM Gold certified range in the cleaning industry
  • Certified with the European Ecolabel (DE/020/023)
  • Totally biodegradable and majorly composed of renewable resources
  • Exceptionally health, material- and environment friendly

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