Topics to be covered  

Day 1

The industries and manufacturers have a greater responsibility of helping the economy to bounce back to normalcy. In the wake of Covid 19 and the lack of proper cure, it is essential that the Right Cleaning Processes, Right Cleaning Products and Right Hygiene Practices are put into place to ensure that the manufacturing facility, the workers, the workplace and the surrounding areas are kept safe from Covid and are operational without any stoppage/shutdown.

Session 1: Making Manufacturing Facilities Safe from Infection &

• Redefining cleaning protocols area-wise
• Cleaning SOPs for the critical areas in the Manufacturing facility
• New layouts to maintain physical distancing
• Daily cleaning and maintenance schedules

Session 2: Technological Advancements

• Critical area cleaning mechanization and sanitization
• Cleaning Chemicals, Sanitization & Indoor Air Quality
• Washroom Hygiene
• Facility Cleaning & Industrial Kitchen Management

Session 3: Safety in Material Movement

• Entry point & Parking Bay Cleaning & Hygiene Protocols
• Vehicle and material sanitization
• Redefining Material Handlers Movement & Personal Safety

Who Should Not Miss

Factory Head, Technical Director, Facility Manager, Purchase Head, Manufacturing unit owner, Managing Director, Proprietor, Outsourced facility management or services company

Take Away

• Complete information about the SOPs to be followed
• Information about the products and the technology
• Meet with experts who can help implement the right practices

Day 2

Workplace safety largely depends on strict adherence to hygiene protocols alongside right cleaning practices. Each individual, whether the worker or the owner, need to adapt to the new normal procedures to ensure personal and personnel safety.

Session 1: Workplace Safety in the New Normal
• Redefining cleaning protocols area-wise
• Cleaning SOPs for the office spaces
• New layouts to maintain physical distancing
• Indoor Air Quality, Sanitization
• Washroom Hygiene

Session 2: Right Products and Solutions
• New Technologies
• Cleaning Chemicals
• Sanitization, Disinfection & Fumigation, IAQ

Session 3: Make Hygiene a Habit
• Entry point & Parking Bay Cleaning & Hygiene Protocols
• Elevators and other touch points protection
• Office layouts, washroom habits everyone has to think from the view of a

Who Should Not Miss

Facility Head, Admin Head, Proprietors, Managing Directors, Decision Makers, Procurement Heads

Take Away

• Readymade SOPs for maintaining different areas of the Workplace facility
• Reminder Charts for different zones
• Personnel Hygiene

Expert Panelists

Expert Panelist