Safety comes with Right Processes, Right Products and Right Practices. But how can one measure how safe is the area in a hospital? Cleaning Validation and Verification are two major subjects that need to be upgraded and followed diligently. Presently, in the New Normal situation what are the validation and verification models that need to be followed? Healthcare industry experts, microbiologists, infection control specialists and cleaning industry professionals come together to gather knowledge on this platform.

  Topics to be covered  

Session 1: Reopening OTs - Challenges & Safe Solutions
As hospitals today are busier with handling Covid patients, the OTs are shut. Eventually hospitals will have to open up to minor to major surgeries. Reopening OTs will require basic cleaning & disinfecting protocols besides sustainable cleaning solutions to keep them safe and sanitized. How is it going to be verified and validated to ensure no new patient is affected by Covid.

Session 2: How to Make Hospitals Safe
Presentation, Videos and Demos on the Right Products, Right Practices & Right Processes to achieve Right Hygiene standards for a Safe Hospital.

Session 3: Cleaning Validation & Verification is Mandatory
How to make cleaning validation and verification feasible in the hospital premises? What are the critical areas in the New Normal that needs validation and verification?

  Expert Panelists  

Expert Panelist

  Who Should Not Miss  

Microbiologists, Facility Management/Facility Service provider, Healthcare Administration, Pathological Laboratories

  Your Take Away   

* Preparing OT and making it safe for the patients who are brought in. Also ensuring safety of OT staff
by implementing proper validation and verification processes.
* Understanding the Right Products, Practices and Processes to make Hospitals virus safe.
* Cleaning Validation and Verifications