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By Ashwini Walawalkar, Country Head – Technique Control Facility Management

In the sphere of Integrated Facility Management (IFM), the crucial role of ground-level employees in ensuring seamless operations and upholding impeccable standards cannot be overstated. Behind the scenes, dedicated individuals tirelessly labour to preserve the cleanliness, safety and functionality of our surroundings. Nevertheless, IFM enterprises encounter a distinct set of hurdles when it comes to workforce management.

Foremost among these challenges lies the scarcity of labour and staff retention. IFM entities frequently grapple with the task of locating qualified individuals to fill essential positions. To counter this, comprehensive recruitment tactics are being embraced, encompassing partnerships with vocational institutions, apprenticeship initiatives and job expos. Offering competitive wages, benefits and pathways for career progression becomes pivotal in enticing and retaining top-tier talent.

Prioritising training and skill enhancement programs holds paramount importance in elevating workforce capabilities. At TCFM, we take proactive measures to offer continuous training and upskilling to our workforce. These initiatives not only enhance their performance but also nurture a sense of personal and professional advancement, contributing to heightened job contentment and employee retention rates.

Another critical domain of concern pertains to safety and adherence to regulations. The nature of tasks within IFM often entails physically demanding responsibilities in hazardous environments. To safeguard the well-being of our frontline workers, TCFM places paramount importance on safety protocols, frequent safety audits and the provision of comprehensive training and personal protective gear (PPE). By mitigating risks and fostering a culture of safety, we strive to uphold a secure work milieu.

Championing diversity and inclusivity is an ongoing endeavour. Creating an inclusive workspace involves confronting biases and prejudices, affording equal growth opportunities and commemorating the diverse contributions of all individuals. Through embracing diversity, we unlock a treasure trove of ideas, outlooks and experiences, thereby propelling innovation and nurturing a robust sense of cohesion amid their workforces.

To tackle staffing fluctuations and sustain operational efficacy, TCFM incorporates buffer staff. These supplementary hires serve as contingency support, ensuring uninterrupted operations during staff shortages or unforeseen absences. Such proactive steps curtail disruptions and ensure uninterrupted service provision.

At TCFM, we’ve instituted recognition programs for exemplary employees, offering incentives like performance bonuses, public commendation and avenues for career progression. Attendance incentives are also implemented to promote regular attendance and punctuality, fostering a sense of accountability among our workforce.

We have periodic performance-driven incentives, awards for Employee of the Month and team-based acknowledgement events. Additionally, long-service awards are conferred to commemorate the loyalty and dedication of employees, nurturing a sentiment of pride and allegiance within the organisation.

In the realm of IFM, unlocking the potential of a thriving workforce stands as the cornerstone of success. By directly confronting challenges and implementing strategic solutions, IFM enterprises foster an environment where employees sense their importance, receive support, and are motivated to excel.

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