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WCR seeks bogie cleaning using Dry Ice Blasting technology

SP Singh, Sr Divisional Electrical Engineer (TRS), Electric Loco Shed, West Central Railway told Clean India Journal, “Unlike the Sand Blasting technology which creates a lot of dust in the open air, Dry Ice Blasting technology has been found effective in bogie cleaning.” West Central Railway (WCR) is planning to outsource cleaning of 250 bogies and accessories of Electric Loco Shed, Itarsi. Clean India Show 2012 to be held in Bangalore in December will be showcasing the latest in Dry Ice Blasting technology. An exclusive Seminar on Industrial Cleaning will also be addressing the topic of dry ice blasting and its applications.

WCR which has being using dry ice blasting for over a year now, has expressed requirement for machines through a tender. WCR will provide to the contractor compressed air with a pressure range of 4.5 to 6bar with 145 to 175cfm. The contractor has to take care of the transportation of dry ice pellets in a well-insulated container from the point of manufacturing to the site. In case of emergency the firm has to increase its manpower to ensure that the work gets completed on time.


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