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Waterless & odourless urinals

                   CIJ 10/17-1255

No need for change in existing infrastructure

usinesses flush thousands of liters of water down the drains. The organised sector in India uses about 15 crore litres of water per day only for housekeeping related activities. Even after using so much water, urinals stink.

Scientifically speaking, water is one of the root causes of the stink. Urea in urine is oxidized into ammonia on contact with water and released into the air, causing the foul smell. Rutu Biosystems’s Biodoc® waterless & odourless urinals solution consists of three solutions that work together to achieve tremendous water saving, while elevating washroom hygiene.


  • Easy to use: Directly replaces existing consumables
  • Zero capital cost: No need for change in existing infrastructure
  • Water saving: Minimum 27,000 litres per urinal per year. Equivalent to about 37 persons’ annual drinking water needs.
  • Reduced GHG (CO2) emission: 66.15kg of CO2 per urinal per year. Addresses carbon footprint reduction, preventing global warming and resultant climate change.
  • Zero odour: Clean, hygienic and fresh wash rooms for employees
  • Cost neutral, perhaps reduced costs (depending upon the usage volume)
  • Zero maintenance of plumbing of drain lines.

Active constituents:

  • Active biologicals
  • Enzymes
  • Plant-based surfactants


  • Offices, commercial buildings, schools & colleges. All facilities with urinals.
  • Specifications: pH 7.00-8.00
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