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Watering down water consumption

Tirumala Rau K
CEO, KVR Best Property Management Pvt Ltd

Water is a universal need and a universal cost. Both sustainability mandates and financial prudence dictate that water usage must be rationalised. Tirumala Rau K, CEO, KVR Best Property Management Pvt Ltd lists the many ways in which his company helps client organisations monitor, measure and control their water usage.

What are the different ways in which you help clients reduce their water consumption?

We’ve all seen water wastage in public places – sprinklers running during a rainstorm, leaky restroom taps, and toilet cisterns simply keep running. However, as an expert facilities management service provider, we must be concerned about your organisation’s water cost. During the middle of summer, businesses and industries are confronted with the reality that harnessing and managing water use is a line item that can no longer be ignored. How can this be done?

  • Get management on board
  • Gather information
  • Monitor end-user behaviour
  • Evaluate water use
  • Develop and put water-saving solutions into action
  • Examine and report

What role does water recycling play at your facilities? How is it done?

Enterprises that utilise a lot of processed water might profit from several strategies to recycle the water for later use. This will undoubtedly improve the environment while also allowing you to save a significant amount of money. This can be achieved through techniques such as:

  • Filtration by membrane
  • System of aerobic treatment
  • Redirection of wastewater
  • Purchase a RO recycling system

How do you choose solutions to reduce water usage?

There are various current technologies that can help you in your conservation efforts:

  • Replace worn-out appliances and equipment with air-cooled or water-saving ones.
  • Using white goods with a high water-efficiency rating will help you save water.
  • Install water-efficient dishwashers to save up to 50% more water than standard versions.

We choose eco-friendly cleaning products that do not contain any of the highly damaging chemicals such as chlorine, phosphates and nitrates, making them safer, and they use less water to reduce your carbon footprint.

Have you installed water meters anywhere? How do they help?

Yes, all our locations have water meters that we install and manage. Water meters are a must-have item. A meter keeps track of how much water you’re consuming, how much you’re paying for it, and whether your water is reaching you. It also encourages water conservation.

We continually measure water flow in real-time and collect consumption data on a regular basis to indicate monthly water use. On request, we may also perform water audits.

One of the most useful qualities of water meters is that they may offer data on dramatically increasing water usage from time to time.

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