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Under the Government scheme, Ion Exchange (India) Ltd has installed drinking water treatment systems in the rural communities – Chotian and Mahsinghwala villages (Sangrur district) and Jamdha village (Ferozepur district) in Punjab. It has also put up point-of-use drinking water purifiers at 336 rural schools. In an effort to provide clean and clear drinking water to various rural areas, including schools, the Punjab government has engaged Ion Exchange (India) Ltd for drinking water treatment systems.

Since the raw water source in various areas in the state has different contaminants. The state-of-art fluoride removal systems from Ion Exchange are being used to treat water containing harmful fluoride ions, making it suitable for drinking in the Chotian & Mahsinghwala villages. In Jamdha village, Ferozepur, where the canal water source has turbidity and suspended impurities. It’s state-of-art continuous sand filters provide an effective solution. These filters by virtue of their unique design are ideally suited for rural areas because they require no operator attention/stoppage for backwash and can also withstand spikes and higher levels of turbidity and suspended solids.

Under the Rajiv Gandhi Drinking Water Mission, the Ministry of Rural Development and the Department of Drinking Water Supply has recently launched the Jalmani project for schools. Ion Exchange has supplied and installed its Eco+Purline point-of-use drinking water purifiers, for disinfection and removal of microbial impurities from water, at 336 schools in the rural districts in central, north and south Punjab.

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