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Water Purification Technology

Eureka Forbes Limited recently introduced ‘Aquaguard Total Duo’, the world’s first water purifier which deploys a patented recirculation technology together with dual purification technologies of RO and UV to prevent recontamination of drinking water. Aquaguard Total Duo is a premium water purifier with an advanced six-stage purification process to ensure pure and safe drinking water. The purifier effectively makes use of both UV and RO to remove harmful chemicals, water-borne disease-causing bacteria and heavy metals like lead and iron from water.

First, its Reverse Osmosis (RO) purification technology removes the excess Total Dissolved Salts (TDS), pesticides and other impurities from water before it is stored, making the water taste sweet. Then its Ultra Violet (UV) technology automatically purifies the water periodically to prevent recontamination, and keep it pure and fresh, always. Equipped with a unique Intelligent Interface and Electronic Membrane Life Enhancer, Aquaguard Total Duo is the first of its kind water purifier with a highly integrated and advance purification syste.. The purifier has an ample storage capacity of 10 litres. The self cleaning system ensures superior and effective membrane performance by auto-cleaning regularly (one minute of cleaning every 2 hours). It provides purification just before the outlet, ensuring contamination-free water at the time of consumption.

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