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Water Free Urinals

Grassland Corporation, a washroom hygiene products manufacturing company has brought water-free urinals that could save 3.6 lakhs litres of water, a year for 100 users. This can be widely used in offices, hotels, hospitals, Universities /colleges, bus/ railway stations, armed forces, mobile toilets, public toilets and expressway service areas.

Technology: Universal pressure seal odorless equipment


Unique Nano technology of urinal body applied with the special glazed materials and enamel technology at the temperature of 1280oC, makes it high surface density and finish. The testing water absorption of ceramic surface is less than 0.1% This make is difficult for urine to remain on the surface.

The ceramic surface enamel layer contains a special bacteriarepellent material, difficult for soil to adhere onto the ceramic surface which effectively suppresses infest of bacteria and eliminates odor, stains and scales. Silver nanometer class antisoil and bacterial-proof technology make absolutely inhibition to staphylococcus aureus and e- coli.

Fresh urine contains no bacteria, no strong smell, but molecules of ammonia. Urine starts smelling when combines with water after a few minutes, and allows bacteria to grow, generating urine stink. Without water, ammonia odor cannot be generated. Our waterless urinal does not use water and has no odor, which greatly reduces transmission of infectious diseases and improves air quality in toilet.

The polyurethane has the characteristics: anti-aging, temperature range from 20 degree minus to 60 degree, hydrophobic, resistance to acid and alkali corrosion. Urine drains, run through the trap under the effect of gravity, the polyurethane in the trap closes tightly by the pressure in the sewage system, and the silicon dam-board helps polyurethane close more tightly to keep the odor outside.

Cleaning: As there is no water flushing device, no design for water supplying system is required. All costs and troubles brought by water flush urinals are eliminated. While drainage is reduced, drainage cleaning much easier than the traditional urinals

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