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Waste disposal systems for kitchens

Now managing organic waste like meat bones or melon rinds is simple even at home. Bangalore based Renova Home Appliances recently introduced a food waste disposer, which has an ability to grind the wastes finely. The disposer, first introduced at Ambrosia bakehouse in Thiruvananthapuram, is electrically powered that can be easily fitted under a kitchen sink.

Ranjith Balan, Director of Renova Home Value Systems told CIJ, “The disposer can finely grind all kinds of organic waste from chicken and fish bones to vegetables and even rice, which can easily pass through the plumbing and flushed into the sewage drain.”

Renova has two models; one for the domestic purpose and other for hotels and restaurants. The commercial model for restaurants and hotels is available as a separate unit in the size of a washing machine. The commercial disposer model is available in 2HP, 3HP and 5HP capacity and the domestic model in 0.5HP and 0.7HP. The waste disposer has an ability to dispose 100kg of wastes in an hour.

Ranjith said, “In the commercial unit, the output of the disposer could be easily connected to the biogas plant. The biogas produced from the plant produces around 50-75%, which can easily meet the energy requirement in a restaurant and hotel.”

Currently Renova’s commercial model is installed in Ambrosia’s chain of restaurants in Thirvananthapuram. The demo model is already installed in the base kitchen of New Delhi Railway station. By the year-end, Renova’s disposer would be installed in the base kitchens of all railway zones. “The disposer was also proposed for the Rajdhani train. However, we found it was impractical to install in the train,” confirmed Ranjith.

He further adds, “The stainless steel chamber has fine cutting instruments to grind the waste. The disposer requires water to dispose off the waste. In a day, if the disposer is used for three-four times, it would require five-six litres of water. Till now we have installed around 1000 domestic disposers all over India.”

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