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Waste produced bio-diesel launched in India

Cheaper, non-toxic & eco-friendly, ‘Indizel’ pump opens in Pune.

Catering to the forex-draining fossil fuels in India, My Eco Energy (MEE)–promoters of Go Fuel Ltd, a non-commissioned bio-diesel manufacturing start up in UK, has launched ‘Indizel’, a 100% renewable bio-diesel produced from the organic waste. “With higher oxygen content, the bio-diesel is a clean burning fuel assuring more mileage.  It is seamlessly interchangeable with petroleum diesel without any engine or infrastructure modifications,” said Santosh Verma Director, My Eco Energy during a press conference at Mumbai.

The company has planned to set up around 500 fuel pumps and mobile stations to fulfil the demand. Concentring its market in and around 350km peripherals of Mumbai, the very first Indizel pump was launched on August 14 at Lonikand, Pune.

To keep the economies of scale optimum, “Indizel is priced ₹1-1.5 cheaper than that of diesel price. Being recycled from waste, it is also independent of petroleum subsidy/price fluctuation. This can be the next Sanjivini to solve the present energy crisis of not only India but the entire world. MEE plans are to expand the network of bio-diesel retailers and distributors across Maharashtra in the near future. Our aim is to set up at least one outlet in every village,” said Verma.

While MEE would produce bio-diesel from feedstock comprising of 40-45 elements, including UCO, animal fat, and various grades of waste edible oil, to pave the way for immediate market entry, the company has entered into alliances with contract manufacturers for supplies amounting to 15 lakh litres of bio-diesel per day. With manufacturing plants in Noida, Vishakhapatnam and Kolhapur, the company is planned to produce 25 lakh litres per day.

Being less toxic than table salt and more biodegradable than sugar, Indizel usage will help in a substantial reduction of carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons and particulate matter.




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