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Wasmaatic – Heat Recovery in Professional Laundry Care Process

“Dryers in any laundry consumes a great deal of this fuel energy cost, in some cases the dryers can consumes up to 40% of total fuel bill and almost 70% inlet energy to dryers is wasted out of dryer exhausts. The hot air exhaust offers great potential in energy savings and for new laundries this could mean installing smaller boilers from day one! This alone can pay for the entire laundry cost in short time.

“We offers hot air recirculation, in built heat plate exchanger systems and external heat plate exchanger systems from STAHL, Germany. These systems can be installed over the top, on back wall, specially fabricated support systems or at side of Dryer wall, reducing drying times, reducing energy consumptions by up to 30%. We are already doing one of its kind of such project for the Taj Mahal Palace and Towers, Mumbai,” informed Rajev S Kumar, CEO-Wasmaatic.

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